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Starting an ecommerce website can be a very daunting task. Everything from the design, to the domain name to the platform that you are going to be using is something that you, as the owner, will have to think of and take care off. But before you can even start worrying about the design of it, you will have to find the perfect platform that can suit all of your needs and with so much choice available in the UK, that can definitely be a bit of a challenge. To make things just a little bit easier, and hopefully help you find the perfect platform, today we are going to make an ecommerce platform comparison between Drupal Commerce and WP Ecommerce, so definitely keep reading till the end.

Drupal Commerce

If you are looking to design a website, then this is one of the most common options to go with because a very strong percentage of the internet is actually powered by this platform, and the best part is that you can use it to power pretty much any kind of website. Drupal Commerce gives you the ability to power and build your ecommerce website really quickly and if you are someone that plans to scale up quickly, then this is the perfect platform for you. Something that is awesome about this platform is the fact that there is a huge community behind it which means that by using it you will also have access to all of the social pages, forums and blogs that come with it and you will be able to turn to them whenever you need help. This platform was actually designed with an idea in mind that developers will be able to use, so if you are one you’ll feel right at home with Drupal Commerce. Something that is pretty unique about it is that it has a security system built in it that gest updated pretty regularly which means your site will always be protected. One of the downsides is the fact that if you are new to this kind of thing, you may have a harder time trying to figure this platform out since, as we mentioned, it is aimed at professionals.

WP Ecommerce

Much like WooCommerce, this is also a WordPress plug in, but if you haven’t heard of it it’s because it really doesn’t get all of the attention it deserves. What you have to do in order to get this platform is to install WordPress on your hosting server and then simply download the WP Ecommerce plugin. This will give you the ability to transform the regular WordPress dashboard and turn it into an ecommerce control center where you can easily add all of your products, run any promotions, create different categories and so on. A great thing about this candidate in our ecommerce platform comparison in the UK is the fact that the backend of it is pretty easy to navigate, but the frontend of the platform has a very clean look that is also very modern. You can also customize it very easily with some simple HTML and CSS and get it to suit your aesthetic. Something that a lot of people might have a problem with is the fact that there aren’t many add-ons so if you are someone that likes to rely on them, this may be a problem for you as well.

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Since there are so many elements that the perfect platform needs to cover for you, seeing them compared like this can be just the thing that will help you figure out whether a certain option is the right one for you. We hope that you found this ecommerce platform comparison useful and that you will be able to make an easier decision when starting your ecommerce website in the UK.

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